My Adventures By Disney Vacation Continues! Into The West, Day Seven!

It’s another early morning. This is a trend, lol. I believe every morning was an early morning for our group. Although, I have to say it wasn’t bad at all, since I had traveled from the East Coast, I was still coasting along on my time anyway, and up at least 90 minutes every morning before I actually needed to be.

There was an optional sunrise hike this morning, and I decided to sit on the front porch of our casita and watch the sunrise from the comfort of a chair! I believe this was really the only thing that Christine and I skipped the entire vacation. To be honest, I don’t think the sunrise could have been any more spectacular.

After getting ready, and watching part of “My Three Sons” on the television (we had vowed to keep this a “news-free” week!) it was time to place our luggage outside the door and await our tram to take us to breakfast. This morning, breakfast was at the hotel’s restaurant near their offices, where we had lunch the day before. They had set up a very nice private breakfast buffet for us. After breakfast, we had enough time to explore the gift shop, where I bought yet another t-shirt (this one had “Monument Valley” on it!) a magnet, and an arrowhead. I’m sure the arrowhead wasn’t authentic, but it was like $3, so why not?!?

Today, we are heading to Moab, Utah. It will be our last place we’ll be visiting on this vacation. Two more nights and this amazing vacation will be over. No time to get sad, because there is still more to see and way too much fun to be had! After we arrive at our resort and have lunch, we are rafting down the Colorado River! Everyone is so excited about this. Most of us opted to wear our swimsuits today, so we wouldn’t have to bother with changing later.

Once on the bus, we were told about a film project that Doug & Diana (our Adventure Guides) were working on. They asked if we wouldn’t mind helping out. Once we got down the road a bit, our bus pulled over at Mile Marker #13, where we were told one of the scenes from the film “Forrest Gump” was filmed. Amazingly, we were to recreate this scene! How FUN!!

After our glimpse into Hollywood and filming our scene (I’ll post the video later in this blog series, as we didn’t get to see it until the last day of our trip) we got back on the bus and Doug played the last half of the DVD of “Cars”. (We had started watching it the day before on our way to Monument Valley)

Before we knew it, it was time for a restroom break. We stopped at a large gas station, and I bought a Coca-Cola. I hadn’t had one in days and wanted to treat myself. After we got back on the bus, Doug & Diana were passing out snacks and telling us about what was happening the rest of the day, along with some history and a few stories about Moab.

When we arrived in Moab, we stopped for another bathroom break, this time at the Walker Drug store. This store was huge and had everything you could possibly need.  I planned on coming back here the next day when we had some free time scheduled.  Even though beach/water shoes were included in our recommended packing list, Doug said that if you had forgotten them, or just didn’t have any, to go ahead and purchase a pair. I believe Walker’s had water shoes for $9.00.

It wasn’t long before we had arrived at our last resort of the vacation..,The Red Cliffs Lodge. It may have been my favorite of all the resorts. It’s was simply beautiful there, surrounded by canyons, with the Colorado River running alongside the resort. The Red Cliffs Lodge had a cookout of hotdogs, hamburgers, grilled chicken and all the trimmings ready for us to dig in. What’s that?!? Another Coke? Yes it is!!

After lunch, it was time for what I was really looking forward to since booking this trip, rafting down the Colorado! One of the local guides got on our bus, and gave us a lot of information (safety and otherwise)

and before we knew it we were in the Colorado. I honestly can’t say this was the most fun of the trip, because so many other things were so much fun too.  But, I had looked forward to this rafting trip a long time, and it did not disappoint.

The views all along the river were breathtaking.

So much fun was had! My favorite memory of this part of the trip was when Doug attacked our boat. Diana was rafting with us, and he jumped into our boat with the goal of throwing her overboard. Lol, he absolutely did not succeed. Diana threw him off, and then jumped in after him to dunk him once more.

I took my GoPro with me while rafting…I haven’t become great at filming (or editing!) but, we had a lot of fun on the journey down the river, and I’m really glad to have this video (no matter how bad it is!) to remember rafting down the Colorado River!

After our rafting adventure, each of our boat guides gave us our pin for the day, and we walked back to the bus so we could go to our rooms, dry off, and rest up.

We had dinner on our own tonight, but it was included with our trip. After a bit of rest, we left the room to explore a bit of the resort before dinner. We did the $2.00 wine tasting (the resort has a winery on property) and looked at their museum, which was dedicated to the movies filmed in the area.  Quite a few of our group went on optional horseback or ATV rides.

Dinner tonight was included (anything except alcohol, which could be purchased separately) at the Cowboy Grill, and was amazing. And, once again, the view was spectacular.  I had the buffalo ribeye, mushrooms, baked potato, salad and for dessert, I had the flan.  After seeing the prices on the menu (which to be honest, were fair for such a great restaurant with amazing views) I was happy to know that dinner was included in the ABD fare.

Neither Christine nor I wanted to try the Bull Fries.  Neither of us had ate them before, and neither of us wanted to attempt to eat anything like that.

Here’s the view of the Colorado River from our table at Cowboy Grill.  Simply Spectacular!

After dinner, it was time to go back to the room, get a bit of work done and get some sleep. Tomorrow may be the last full day of this Adventure, but it’s still going to be jam-packed with fun!

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