My Adventures By Disney Vacation Continues! Into The West, Day 8!

This morning is the last full day of our Adventures By Disney vacation. And, it didn’t disappoint! After waking up a bit early, I looked out the back, and was surprised to see so many horses by the fence!

We made a mental note to grab some apples from the buffet, so we could feed the horses on our very last morning.

We had a lovely breakfast buffet at the resort, and it was such a beautiful morning, we were able to eat outside with views of the Colorado River going by. The Red Cliffs Lodge has excellent cinnamon rolls! I also loved their Spanish eggs.

After breakfast, we had a tour of Arches National Park. It was, to say the least, amazing. Our Step-on Guide today was in his eighties, and was filled with information about the park and the area. He owns a local tour company, and usually only guides the Adventures By Disney Tours, because he enjoys them so much. It was just a pleasure having him lead our tour on this day. I’m not going to say too much about this park, and just let the pictures go the talking. It was incredible!

After our tour, it was back into Moab for lunch on our own. Today’s lunch wasn’t included in our vacation. As we drove through town, Doug and Diana pointed out many restaurants that they liked, and a couple that they suggested we avoid. Christine and I decided on Mexican, and it was really good! (It was also about $10-$12, so not bad at all!)

It looks like this restaurant has some well-known fans!  🙂 

After lunch, we decided that we would visit Walker’s Drug store to do a bit of souvenir shopping, as it was in the same parking lot as the Fiesta Mexicana restaurant. After we grabbed our t-shirts and a magnet, we ran into Doug who suggested we get a snow cone…he gets them every time he’s in Moab.

After our dessert, it was time to go back to our resort for some free time and to get ready for our last dinner together. Tonight, the resort was planning on grilling steaks for the Farewell Dinner.

But, this afternoon we had work plans…there would be no rest!  Christine & I asked to interview Doug & Diana to make a video to share to our clients.  It literally took over five days for Disney to approve this venture!  Thankfully, both Doug & Diana had done “Media Training” with Disney (which means that they can appear on video)…it also was a good thing that a couple of people that work for Disney was along for the tour!  Because everything kind of “lined up” our request was granted.  I don’t think I’ll ever forget helping film the interview.  Diana had us literally in tears.  The Adventure Guides TRULY help make the vacation memorable!

On a side note, speaking bout being “Media Trained” — Doug has even been a “prize” on Wheel of Fortune!  During one of their Disney weeks, he got to meet & film with Pat & Vanna!  I googled, and unfortunately couldn’t find a picture.  😦

Here’s the finished video:

It’s definitely worth a watch!

After the interview, it was time to go to our Farewell Dinner.  It’s amazing at how just a little over a week ago, these people were complete strangers, and now they’re friends.  Just another advantage of traveling with Adventures by Disney.  We certainly shared an incredible vacation together!


Doug & Diana had created a video of our week, and it was playing on a table in the back. How exciting to see your vacation pictures through someone else’s camera!  I loved the video!

We even had live music for our last night together!

Here’s Christine, Mark & I!  It was just amazing to get to know such a wonderful person!  We have an incredible DSM (District Sales Manager), and it’s certainly good to know that Disney hires fantastic people, as Mark certainly is very helpful!  The agencies in New England are lucky to have such a great guy representing & helping them with their Disney business!

And, here’s me with Doug & Diana.  Such wonderful people!

Christine, Peter & me!  Peter was the bus driver during the entire trip.  Such a great guy!  He was always a lot of fun!

What’s that?  ANOTHER INCREDIBLE VIEW we had for our last dinner.  Almost every time we ate, we had an amazing view.

After dinner, we moved into a room, for a very short presentation by Mark, to tell us all about some other Adventures by Disney tours.  (This was only for travel agents, and not what is normally done…there isn’t a sales pitch during your vacation!)  Laughingly, he begun singing “Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto too…they’re all movie stars at Disneyland, Disneyland, Disneyland”.  LOL!  It was the Native American Disney song.  Again.  Everyone could hear the guides groan.  TOO funny!

Here’s a link to the song, in case you’ve forgotten how it goes:

After Mark’s brief presentation, Doug played the video for the group.  Amazingly, sometime during dinner, they had edited the film to actually include pictures from the dinner!  The next morning on the bus to the airport, he shared the video with all of us.  Here it is:

It’s a “brief” 13 minute video of one of the best vacations I’ve ever had.  So many great memories!

Are we done?  NO.  After that, it was down to the river for S’mores & a campfire singalong under the stars.


After the singalong, it was time to go back to the room and pack up the suitcase, we would be leaving tomorrow.  Stay tuned for my last entry in this series…some more stuff happens on the way to the airport in Grand Junction, CO!