Traveling To Egypt

I’ve had Egypt on my Bucket List since before I knew to call it a bucket list. I would like to go to this amazing country in 2022, as my 2021 is just about booked up. Because of COVID-19, quite a few of my 2020 trips have been postponed to 2021. So, if I want […]

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Goofy & Me

On May 25, 1932 Goofy first appeared on-screen as “Dippy Dawg” in Mickey’s Revue, making him 88 years old today!  Whenever I’m in a Disney park or on a Disney ship, and I see Goofy, I usually stop and take a picture.  He’s one of my favorite characters, and he’s the favorite of my mom […]

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Land of Pharaohs and Pyramids

Few countries grip the imagination quite like Egypt. Just hearing the name conjures images of mighty pharaohs and massive pyramids, sprawling temples and secret tombs, colossal monuments and crowded markets—and cutting through it all, the life-giving Nile River, without which none of these other sights could have existed. The World’s Longest River The Nile originates […]

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