I know it’s not even Halloween yet, but Black Friday will be here before you know it and, along with it, some incredible travel deals! Why not avoid the mess of Holiday Shopping, give the gift of travel to your loved ones, and actually ENJOY the festivities of the holidays this year?!?

Last year we saw things like:

  • A full week at Sandals’ flagship resort for $2500 per couple
  • 70% off the second guest on Norwegian cruises
  • Free nights at Couples’ Resorts
  • Plus, tons of onboard credits, free excursions, and lots of other goodies with cruise lines

Give the gift of travel this year.

While we don’t know exactly what’s coming down the pike this year, you’ll want to be ready to jump on these amazing deals. 

Join me on one of my adventures in 2023!  I’ve got some very exciting trips planned!  While the tour that I’m doing in May of Peru & the Amazon is sold out; the last time I checked, there was still availability left for my Princess Cruise around Japan in October, and there are cabins available for my Eastern Mediterranean Cruise on the Island Princess that begins in November of 2023 that will visit: Greece, Israel, Cyprus, Turkey & Italy!  Wouldn’t a cruise to the Holy Land be an IDEAL gift for under your 2022 Christmas Tree?  You’d have almost an entire year to plan for this once-in-a-lifetime vacation, AND avoid the anxiety of Christmas shopping altogether! For more information about the Israel/Mediterranean Cruise click “interested” or “going”; For more information about the Japan Cruise click “interested” or “going”.

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to preparing for Black Friday deals:

  • Many deals require prepayment.  The Sandals deal, for instance, required payment in full. It was refundable, but it did have to be paid in full.  Be prepared to put down a full payment deposit.
  • There is limited availability.  Most resorts and cruise lines allot a limited number of rooms for each promotion.  Book early to get the resort, ship, or itinerary you want.
  • Time is limited, too.  These promotions usually last a week or less. If you wait to book, you will miss out.

If you would like to begin dreaming about some amazing Caribbean destinations, check out Sandals Resorts (for Couples only) here.

Are you ready for a family vacation that doesn’t include a theme park for your kids or grandkids? Check out the All-Inclusive Beaches Resorts here, where you don’t have to say “NO” to that extra ice cream, because it’s going to cost like $35 for your family to have that snack.


I almost forgot to mention something special.  This year, Modern Travel Professionals will be offering a special Black Friday deal so be on the look out.  It’s going to be a WONDERFUL deal!!  

I can’t say exactly what it is yet but it involves 🐭 and 🚢

Stay tuned for the actual deals as soon as they’re released!

Safe Travels!