Now is the time to plan for your 2022 Holiday Disney vacation!

Welcome to February!  I know it seems awfully early to book a vacation for the end of the year, but if you are wanting to go to the Walt Disney World Resort in October, November or December…NOW is the time to get your room & tickets reserved.

The holidays surrounding the last three months of the year are the MOST popular time to visit Walt Disney World, and if you’re planning an October/November/December 2022 trip, now is the time to pin down your package price & room selection. Pricing will inevitably rise, so wouldn’t it be nice to go ahead and lock in today’s price for a vacation you know you want to take later in the year?

I had so many clients last year that tried to book a “last-minute” trip (last minute being 6-7 weeks before check-in) and there just weren’t rooms available.  It’s incredibly disappointing to want to go somewhere, and your first, second or third options are simply just not available for the dates you want to go.

You can avoid this disappointment by letting me book your trip now.  You’ll be able to get your first or second choice of resorts, and lock in today’s pricing for rooms & tickets.  We can confirm your stay for a REFUNDABLE deposit of only $200.00 per room.  If your plans change before the final payment date, we can simply cancel and get your refund processed.

Holiday decor is one of the top reasons to visit The Walt Disney World Resort!  I just love seeing how Disney does Halloween & Christmas.  It’s my favorite time of year to visit “The Most Magical Place on Earth”!

So much has surely changed since the last time you were there, I keep up with all the changes so you won’t have to.  

Contact me today to begin planning your 2022 Walt Disney World Vacation.