Imagineering the Disney Wish: Construction Updates from Germany

By: Disney Destinations

Guest staterooms are truly a home at sea — they are peaceful, calming, functional and infused with enchanting details that make them uniquely Disney. The story of how the staterooms came to find their home on the Disney Wish is nearly as magical as the end result!

The design process begins with collaboration. Walt Disney Imagineering spent years working with designers and artists to examine every detail; carefully considering how color, light and shapes interact to ensure the environment we create is both restful and magical. Since the majority of the finished pieces for the Disney Wish were fabricated offsite, our team built hundreds of mockups prior to final construction in order to visualize how everything is coming together. It is all about the attention to detail!

Once the design is finalized, we hit “full steam ahead” on the production line! The 1,254 staterooms are manufactured on an assembly line, where each piece is carefully installed on a conveyor belt. That includes everything from furniture and walls to artwork and lighting.

The final magic touch is when the staterooms are placed on the ship. That’s right – a crane lifts each one and places it on the Disney Wish.

Staterooms are the perfect blend of what Imagineering does best: artistry and technical perfection. It is a priority for every aspect of our design to be both narratively beautiful and highly functional to provide Guests with the best experience! Everything we do is with our Guests in mind.

When the Disney Wish sets sail next June and Guests are finally at rest after a day of adventure and enchantment, we hope they can feel just a little more magic knowing each piece was carefully designed to bring Disney stories to life.