Into the West…What’s in the Box?

Yesterday, my doorbell rang and when I went to answer it, there was just a box at the door.  UPS had made a delivery!  I have been waiting on this delivery for years…my travel documents for my upcoming Adventure to Arizona & Utah with Adventures by Disney had finally arrived!  I booked this Adventure just a few weeks ago, but I’ve wanted to go on any of the Adventures by Disney trips for the longest time.


Unfortunately, I was very busy and I couldn’t open the box until today.  I wanted to take some really good pictures, and by the time that I was finished with work, it was already dark outside, so I had to wait until this afternoon before I was able to open the box.  I have tried to stay away from “spoiler” videos of what guests receive when they get their travel documents, so I really had no idea what to expect.  I knew what my clients had gotten in the past, but I wasn’t sure exactly what the gift would be.



When I opened the box, there was a “gift bag” inside, made out of material similar to water-resistant jackets.  I couldn’t wait any longer to see what was inside.



Inside the bag, was a backpack!  It’s made from the same fabric as the bag, so it seems as if it would be water-resistant.  Of course, it’s not waterproof, as the closure is by drawstring.


Inside the backpack, there was my travel documents, along with an Adventures by Disney Luggage Tag!

I’m so excited about going on this Adventure!  As I previously posted, this vacation has been a long time coming.  I’ve wanted to go an Adventure by Disney since I first heard about the company, and in just a few short weeks, I’ll be in Arizona ready to begin my journey!

The Adventure Handbook is filled with details about my journey, with details about meeting the Adventure Guides at the Phoenix airport, so we can depart as a group and head to Sedona, Arizona!  It’s also filled with information about our destination.



Here’s a picture of the inside of the backpack, to show that it will be very handy, especially when we’re out in the weather, or rafting down the Colorado River!  The inside is made of a very flexible plastic-type material that will definitely protect the contents from water!



I’ve waited a very long time to own something with this label!  I CANNOT WAIT!


But, for now, I’ll have to wait…I don’t leave for my Adventure until the first part of July.  I’ll be keeping this blog updated with any other news about my Adventure, and will be blogging throughout my experience.  I’ll be posting ALL of my pictures over on my business Facebook page.  Be sure to like & follow that page for all of the updates!