Into the West…My Upcoming Adventure


I am so excited to be sharing this bit of news.  I’m finally going on an Adventures by Disney Vacation!  After sending many clients on their own Adventures, I’m getting to go on my very own journey!  I’ve wanted to experience an Adventures by Disney ever since I first heard of the company, way back in 2005.  I’ve read all the brochures, and I’ve visited the website countless times, dreaming of my own adventures.  I’ve planned my clients’ Adventures, and have only heard rave reviews upon their return.  And now, FINALLY, I’m Westward Bound.


I chose the Arizona & Utah adventure.  Technically, I’ve been to these states before, but have never really left the airports.  I did a tour to the Western Rim of the Grand Canyon as a day trip from Las Vegas, so I have technically “been to the Grand Canyon”.  The Western Rim was beautiful, and I was very happy to visit, but I’ve always wanted to go the “real” Grand Canyon National Park.  I can’t wait to see the Grand Canyon with Disney!

IMG_9900The numbers on the itinerary map above indicate where I’ll be each night.  (nights 1 & 2 will be in Sedona, AZ, etc.)  I’ll fly into Phoenix, AZ and out of Grand Junction, CO


With this Adventures by Disney itinerary, I will not only go to the National Park, I’ll be staying “in” the Grand Canyon, at one of the Grand Canyon National Lodges.  I’ll also visit Sedona, Arizona for the first time, which is another place I’ve always wanted to see.  In Sedona, there will be an off-road adventure through Diamond Back Gulch.


After Sedona, it’s on to the Grand Canyon with a privately guided tour of the National Park by a naturalist guide leading the way.


Then, it’s on to Monument Valley & Moab, Utah!  I can’t wait to visit Arches National Park, someplace that I never knew I wanted to visit, until now.  THIS may be the highlight of the Adventure.  Who knows?  Or, maybe it will be the taco cookout dinner where I’ll hear tales about Native American life in the Old West supplied by a Navajo storyteller.  I guess I will have to wait until July to find out!

Mesa Arch Panorama

maxresdefault (16)

And, there will be river rafting!


I’ve left out a LOT of what’s coming…I haven’t really mentioned the wonderful luxurious accommodations, I’ve touched on the themed meals, nothing about the Adventure Guides, and all the extras that are included on every Adventure By Disney vacation.  Make sure you’re following along with my Adventure this July!  I’ll be updating this blog with all of my adventures, as well as posting ALL of the pictures over on my Facebook Page .  Make sure you’re following along!  I can’t stress enough at just how EXCITED I am!

I always thought that my first Adventure by Disney would be to Peru.  But, the more I thought about visiting the Grand Canyon, this just seemed like the perfect adventure for me.  Of course, I could go to the Grand Canyon without Disney…but I KNOW this will be a vacation that will stay in my memory forever.  Traveling to one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World with Disney and their amazing ability to tell a story…this is sure to be a completely one of a kind experience that no other company can deliver.  I can’t wait.


As always, for more information or if you would like a quote for your own personal adventure, just send an email my way!