I’m on a Princess cruise! (the beginning…Part 1 of 2)

I’m currently on my 28th Cruise. Although, this is such a new experience for me, it could be my first. This time, I’m sailing alone. No friends, no family. Just me for the duration. I’ve often wondered if I would like sailing alone. As a travel agent, I book single travelers all the time on cruises. I’ve just never bitten the bullet until now. I’ve vacationed at Disney (World and Land) many times by myself, but just have never got up the nerve to book a solo cruise for myself. Until now.

I embarked on Sunday. Today is Tuesday and feels like my first day of vacation. I’m not sure why, but for me embarkation day is always stressful. I’m afraid I’ll forget my passport. Or that somehow my bags won’t make it on the ship. Or, the car breaks down and I miss the ship. I forget my medication…the list goes on, as does the stress. None of that has ever happened (to me) but it’s always on my mind.

This time, not only am I sailing solo, but it’s my first back-to-back Cruise. This week, I’m visiting the Eastern Caribbean. Next week, it will be the Western Caribbean. Also, this is my first time sailing on an “Ocean Medallion” ship. The technology that Princess Cruises is bringing to their ships is nothing short of amazing. The WiFi is awesome. I’ve went live on Facebook, and have streamed a show on Netflix. Also, the cost of unlimited internet service was only $99.00 for the two weeks I’ll be on the ship. Generally, if you purchase before getting on the ship, the cost is about $9.99 per day. That’s practically unbelievable for being on a ship. Here’s an entry explaining all about the Ocean Medallion:

Princess Medallion Class Vacations are here!

By the end of this year, there should be five ships in The Princess Fleet that will be Medallion Class. Currently the Caribbean Princess and the Regal Princess have been updated to include all of this technology. Coming soon is: Royal Princess, Crown Princess & Sky Princess.

Sunday, Embarkation day, I did little. I unpacked my suitcase (of course my luggage made it on the ship). I explored the ship and took some pictures. This cruise I chose “anytime” Dining, so I don’t have a set dining time or restaurant or table. So, I won’t be eating with the same people or getting to know the same servers for this cruise (more on that later!) On Sunday, I decided to just eat by myself. Afterwards, I saw the show (more on that in another post) and went to bed early.

Monday was a bit odd for me on a ship. Before I could do anything, I had work to do! Thankfully, with the MedallionNet WiFi, I was able to get what had to be done easily. I can’t wait for the day that all cruise ships have internet like this. It’s truly amazing. After my work was nearly finished, I tendered off the ship to Princess Cays (Princess Cruises Private Island in the Bahamas) and explored a bit and took many pictures. I’ll be doing a future blog about this island! There was a picnic lunch (BBQ, burgers & hot dogs) but I wanted pizza. So back to the ship I went.

Pizza isn’t my favorite thing to eat. I generally have it maybe once every other month or so. But, the pizza on Princess is really, really good. They claim to have the “Best Pizza at Sea” and have won awards. I happen to agree with this. It’s really, really good pizza. On most of the Princess ships, they have a pizzeria named Alfredo’s. Make sure you eat here at least a couple of times during your cruise!

I then went back to my room and did a bit more work (paperwork seems to never end, am I right?) I watched a couple of shows on demand in my cabin, (more on that later too–the tv & movie selection in my cabin is really good!). I had dinner at the buffet, where I found two types of Arancini. (Shout out to my friend Joanne for introducing me to this wonderful Italian dish–she may be the reason I DESPISE broccolini, but Arancini made up for the fact that she forced me to eat that #vilevegetable). After dinner, I went up to the top deck, & watched a “Movie Under the Stars” (Instant Family) Sometime during the movie, I began to feel like I was on vacation. Afterwards, I went to the late show in the Princess Theater which was a Beatles concert. What a fun show! And then it was back to my room and to bed.

So that brings me to Tuesday, the first day at sea…

end of part 1