The Mississippi River has stories to share

The mighty rivers of the United States of America once served as the great highways of early exploration and inspired dreams of discovery. Today, American Queen Voyages re-creates the same sense of wonder, excitement and comfort of modern luxury aboard the most elegant riverboats in the world, The American Queen, American Empress, American Duchess, and American Countess. Traveling in the wake of legends, you are transported to an era of leisurely and romantic travel.

Feel the rhythm of the river. Immerse yourself in river lore. Discover famous American landmarks and backwoods roadhouses. Dine on cuisines born along the riverbanks from as many cultures as the river has tributaries. Stand on the bow as landing by landing, bend by bend, America reveals itself.

The Lower Mississippi River has stories to share – a legacy that flows from Memphis to the Gulf of Mexico. Embark on more than just a cruise, and return with more than memories: experience, understanding, an enlightened perspective. Let the American Queen Steamboat Company introduce you to the American South and show you all the great sights and port cities as you cruise the legendary Mississippi river between Memphis to New Orleans.

You’ll watch landscapes, cultures and even language transform — each new experience equally as rare and beautiful as the last. A new chapter awaits around each river bend.


Embark on a journey of All-Inclusive Exploration

  • 1-Night Pre-Cruise Hotel Stay
  • Ground Transfers between Hotel & Vessel
  • Unlimited Included Guided Tours
  • Unlimited Beverages
  • Open Bars & Lounges
  • Acclaimed Cuisine in multiple Venues
  • All Day In-Room Dining
  • Unlimited WiFi
  • Bicycles & Hicking Sticks
  • Live, Daily Onboard Entertainment & Enrichment
Old Fashion.American Duchess – American Queen Steamboat Company Old Fashion

Notes of uniquely American music styles play overture to the sweet smell of magnolia trees as you are introduced to the American South. From New Orleans to Memphis, traditions, architecture and heritage are living testaments to the region’s historic and cultural significance. Each pocket of the Lower Mississippi River’s Southern sanctuary will introduce you to its own distinct personality.

What will your story be?