I’m at one of the most unique resorts in Mexico!

I can’t believe I’m back in Mexico!  I visited the Riviera Maya area near Cancun this past June, and while touring 17 resorts, I fell in love with one of them, and had to come back. it’s time that I introduced you to the Hoteles Xcaret — Hotel Xcaret and Xcaret Arte.

Oh, and it’s pronounced ISH-KA-RETT

The “X” makes an “ish” sound.

These two resorts in Mexico’s Riviera Maya redefine the idea of an all-inclusive resort and I am lucky enough to be visiting.

“Ok, Kenneth, what’s so different about these resorts?”

Well, everything.

Resort Atmosphere
These resorts are a far cry from the concrete monstrosities that tend to dominate the all-inclusive market.  Both Hotel Xcaret and Xcaret Arte are built into the Mexican landscape.  They don’t compete with it.

Think Mexican architecture, culture, and art.  Rivers (real ones, not manmade) run through the resorts.  Grab a life vest and jump in!  Swim in the cenotes that dot the area.  Enjoy a bit of true Mexican atmosphere from your authentic Mexican hammock on the balcony.

The Food
Just like the rest of the resort, the food at Hotel Xcaret and Xcaret Arte reflects the spirit of Mexico.  The food is fresh, local, and authentic.  You will enjoy the true flavors of the locality prepared by Mexican chefs.  Last night, I ate in a cave!

Discover the flavors of the region pre-Hispanic influence, cuisines from the Yucatan, Oxaca, and towns throughout Mexico, and interesting fusions such as Mexican-Italian and Mexican-Lebanese.

Even the buffet (and, yes, there is a buffet) has food stations full of authentic Mexican offerings. You feel more you are at a Mexican street market than an all-inclusive resort.

Anyone for corn ice cream?   (You want this. It’s insanely delicious.)


Think you’ll be bored at an all-inclusive resort?


When you stay at either Hotel Xcaret or Xcaret Arte, you get eight theme parks included with your stay.


EIGHT theme parks.

And, I don’t want you thinking rollercoasters and log flumes.

These parks — XCARET, XEL-HÁ, XPLOR, XENSES, XOXIMILCO, XPLOR FUEGO, XAVAGE AND XENOTES — focus on a variety of natural, cultural, and adventure attractions (with the occasional water slide or zip line thrown in).

Think swimming in cenotes (Xenotes), ziplining through the jungle (Xplor), exploring underground rivers (Xplor Fuego), and driving an ATV through the jungle (Xavage) just to name a few.

Unlimited entrance to all eight of these parks is included with your stay at either Hotel Xcaret or Xcaret Arte.  Transportation to and from the parks is included as well!

Read more about the parks here.

Which Should You Choose?

I know you can’t wait to visit these amazing resorts now but how do you choose between Hotel Xcaret and Xcaret Arte?

Here’s the scoop.

Hotel Xcaret is a family-friendly resort with an adults-only building and adults-only areas. The atmosphere is focused on Mexican culture and history.

Xcaret Arte is an adults-only (16+) resort with a focus on Mexican art.  Furnishings and decorations are crafted by Mexican artists and you can even take classes in traditional Mexican art forms!

Both resorts are completely all-inclusive — food, drinks, transportation, and all eight parks.

I’ll have some more information for you in the coming days, along with samples of pricing and pictures of some of the rooms for you!

I’ve been here less than 24 hours, and I’m already planning when I can come back!

I hope you have a wonderful week!