Hotel Xcaret

If you’ve been following my Facebook page, you know I just got back from a whirlwind tour of 17 All Inclusive Resorts & an Ecological Park in the Riviera Maya/Cancun region of Mexico. I had an incredible time touring these resorts, and imagined coming back to stay in them for my own vacation. (well, I imagined coming back to most of them…there were a few that I won’t be recommending or returning to).

Usually, when I travel for work, I often get messages and comments saying “wow, what do you do for a living?!?” or “I want your job”. I know there is some confusion as to what my actual job is, so I want to share a little more about what I do, before I begin writing about my favorite resort that we visited.

It’s true my “office” last week was several beautiful resorts in Mexico…but it was definitely a work trip and not a vacation. These trips are what we in the travel industry call “FAMs” or familiarization trips.

What do Travel Planners do on these trips? We tour properties, take tons of notes & pictures, and make connections with contacts on property so we know which places will work for which clients and who to call if by chance something goes wrong when my clients are there.

We tour resorts in several different price points because everyone has a different travel budget. We tour different styles of resorts, because some people like a “party atmosphere”, while others prefer more “laid back” experience and yet others are “up for an adventure.” We saw several different family-friendly resorts and some adults-only resorts as well as resorts that have sections for each.

Why do I do these FAM trips? To gain the knowledge to help me to better serve you, my awesome travel clients! Did I enjoy spending time touring Mexico with my Modern Travel Professionals team?!? YES!! 1000% YES!! I love those people, who have become dear friends. I LOVE my job. Am I exhausted & happy to be back home?! Also YES!! Next time – you travel…do yourself a favor & contact a Travel Agent who travels…because we put in the work to ensure you have a great trip!

A rare moment when we got to sit during the day. We had an appointment at this resort, and apparently they had not prepared for our team to tour. They ignored us for over 50 minutes before we decided that we could not recommend our clients to visit this property. What we witnessed was confusion and a lot of guests having to wait around in the lobby with no one helping. This is a major reason as to why I travel on FAM trips…had I not experienced this, I could have possibly sent a client here!

So, after visiting 17 entirely different All-Inclusive Resorts, I was asked a lot of questions, but the most common one was “which one was your favorite”. And that, FOR ME, was Hotel Xcaret. It was simply a beautiful resort. It had many quiet areas that you could relax with the sounds of the ocean (or waterfall!) or a book. There was also places with a bit more “action” but wasn’t overtly loud. Would it be ideal for you? Maybe not. You may like a resort that has a very wide beach or one that hosts loud parties each night at the pool or one that has a bowling alley or a screening room. I visited one resort where the music was everywhere, and very loud. Everyone was having an absolute blast, but that resort would definitely not be for me. And, that is fine…thankfully, an area like the Rivera Maya is big enough to host resorts that cater to literally almost everyone. I will be writing future articles about the other resorts I visited, but I had to start somewhere, and why not start with your favorite?

From the Hotel Xcaret website:

Redefining the traditional all-inclusive, Hotel Xcaret México is proud to present its innovative ALL-FUN INCLUSIVE® concept. A tribute to Mexico that offers you much more than everything you need, combining the comfort and sophistication of a unique resort with an eco- integrative architecture, and full access to Xcaret parks, Xel-Ha, Xplor, Xplor Fuego, Xavage, Xoximilco, Xenses and Xenotes.

In addition to food and beverages, transportation between parks and airport shuttle.
With facilities that intertwine our social responsibility, with a totally sustainable approach, Hotel Xcaret Mexico has a unique architecture that creates a balance between aesthetics and ethics, surprising us by emerging in an original way, hand in hand with the environment and integrating to nature, respecting spaces and creating a unique harmony that in sight entertains and excites.
Fun, respect for nature, culture, relaxation and the best dining experience are all included in Hotel Xcaret México.

Basically, if you stay here, almost everything is included. Transfers to/from the Cancun International Airport, transportation to/from AND admission to the Xcaret Group parks, food, beverages, entertainment, fitness center, and more. There is enough included here to fill a month’s worth of vacation.

Hotel Xcaret México is located in an exceptional destination rich in history, nature and entertainment. With a remarkable Mexican essence, the design of Hotel Xcaret México integrates modernism, nature and tradition with an architectural vision in which from any point of your suite you can admire spectacular views of the turquoise sea, the rivers, the pool or the jungle.
The vibrant experiences of their parks, the natural wealth, the living culture and the interaction with their people will forever change your concept of vacations.
Hotel Xcaret wants you to see and remember Mexico for what it is.

I was expecting a lot from Hotel Xcaret. It was the one hotel that I really couldn’t wait to see in person. It exceeded all of my expectations. It was a stunningly beautiful resort, and I cannot wait to return here as a guest. You can see all of the pictures that I took during my tour here.

Xcaret hosted us for lunch after our tour, and the food was amazing. From the street tacos with hand-made tortillas, to the mole ice cream, it was all simply incredible. Literally the best guacamole I’ve ever had.

The hotel staff welcomed us to their home with a delicious, refreshing drink. It was hot & humid the day we visited, and this was a perfect welcome.

From the minute I stepped off of our tour bus I knew I would return one day. This resort is truly spectacular. The Xcaret Hotel in the Riviera Maya, offers beautiful beaches, delicious food, and a lot of really fun activities to do during your visit to Playa del Carmen Mexico. if you want a fun and adventurous vacation in the Riviera Maya, consider staying at the hotel Xcaret Playa del Carmen. Pictures or video really does not do this place justice. It’s a destination that needs to be seen.

I’ll be writing future articles highlighting the restaurants of Hotel Xcaret, and I’ll also be writing articles on the Xcaret Eco Parks. (You can visit these parks complimentary while staying at Hotel Xcaret…they are part of the “All Fun-Inclusive” aspect of their resort, but if you stay at another resort, you can purchase an excursion to visit these incredible parks! Be on the lookout for future articles! If you would like more information about your next vacation to the Riviera Maya, you know who to contact!