Galilee & Nazareth Shore Excursion Highlight –Mediterranean/Israel Island Princess Cruise

After this year of staying at home all the time because of the Covid-19 Quarantine, I’m really getting excited about planning next year’s vacations. I’ve got a big one coming up a year from now, in November of 2021. It’s one from the Bucket List–I’m going to Israel! I’ve wanted to go to the Holy Land for quite some time, and just couldn’t figure a way that I could go with my parents, so they would be able to see as much as they could without them being completely worn out. I looked at several group tours, and with their activity-filled days, constant changing of hotels, and most days of being on a bus, I just didn’t think that my older parents would be physically able to keep up with the group. Sometime before Covid-19 hit, Princess Cruises announced an Eastern Mediterranean cruise that visits several of the locations that my parents wanted to visit on their Holy Land trip. I feel this will be the absolute best way for them to experience Israel. They’ll have a couple of busy days, then can get some rest & relaxation on the amazing Island Princess, before arriving at another port with more sightseeing! You can read all about this itinerary here.

On Sunday, November 21, 2021 we will be doing the “Best of Sea of Galilee, River Jordan & Nazareth” excursion offered by Princess Cruises! I can’t wait to see all of these spots that I’ve heard about my entire life! Here is a description of the tour:

Get ready for a daylong adventure exploring the Best of The Sea of Galilee. Board your air-conditioned motorcoach and travel through the Carmel Mountains and cross the Jezreel Valley to Galilee.

Nestled in a circle of cypress studded hills, Nazareth is the scene of Jesus’ youth. Visit the Basilica of the Annunciation. Consecrated in 1969, this venue serves as the largest Christian Church in the Middle East. The church is also said to mark the grotto where the Archangel Gabriel appeared to the Virgin.

Continue to Mount of Beatitudes on the northwestern shore of the Sea of Galilee. Jesus Christ delivered the Sermon on the Mount from this hill near Tabgha. In 2000, Pope John-Paul II celebrated the Eucharist on its slope. A Byzantine church was erected near the current site in the Fourth Century, and it was used until the Seventh Century. Remains of a cistern and a monastery from this church are still visible today. The Mount of Beatitudes currently houses a domed Roman Catholic Franciscan church, founded in 1938. From the terrace of the church, enjoy splendid views of the Sea of Galilee. Be sure to capture sweeping views of the Sea of Galilee from this photo spot.

Visit Capernaum. The town of Capernaum is often described as the “center of Jesus” ministry in the Galilee. Your guided walking tour visits the remains of a ruined synagogue where Christ preached. During your walking tour, you will view archaeological excavations of the site, which have revealed two synagogues. The white limestone structure currently visible was built on top of an older synagogue that dates to the time of Christ. Some portions of the older synagogue still remain including foundation walls made of black basalt, gray marble column fragments and a cobblestone floor.

From Capernaum, head on to Tagbha and visit The Church of the Multiplication. This holy spot is believed to occupy the site where Christ performed his miracle with two fish and five loaves. Consecrated in 1981, the current shrine protects a beautiful Fifth Century Byzantine mosaic floor, which includes a scene depicting the miracle.

Pause for a three-course meal served with wine. After relaxing, continue to your final destination the River Jordan. Visit the bank revered by the faithful as the spot where John the Baptist immersed Jesus in the waters of the Jordan. Enjoy a break from your sightseeing and browse for religious items as well as souvenirs during a brief shopping stop at the River Jordan. Drive back to the ship.

With every excursion I book, it seems to get more real! I can’t wait to experience all that this cruise will offer! If you’d like to go as well, just give me a shout! I’d love to help you plan, and I have arranged special amenities with Princess Cruises, just for my clients!