Seven Reasons to Travel with Globus

With more than nine decades of introducing travelers to the world’s most beloved destinations, Globus has learned a thing or two about the undiscovered spots that tell the true story behind the country. Follow Globus to the off-the-beaten-path locations with the charm, tradition, and cultural beauty that can only be found in the authentic towns and landscapes of Europe. From undiscovered tiny historic towns here in North America, hamlets of Great Britain to the vineyards and hills of Italy and whitewashed villages nestled against the sandy shores of the Mediterranean that only the locals know, Globus shares their favorite, less-traveled treasures with you!

For more than 90 years, Globus has invited travelers to say “hello” to the world’s most fascinating places with intrigue, curiosity & wonder.

Along the way, they’ve discovered the sights to see, encountered the people to meet, engaged in the customs to try and indulged in the cuisine to taste. And they’ve done this while bundling unrivaled knowledge from Tour Directors and local guides with superior accommodations and first-class transportation to help travelers greet the globe on a journey that goes beyond the ordinary. In short, touring offers over-the-moon experiences without overthinking.

When you choose a Globus tour, you’ll say “goodbye” to worry, leaving yourself free to wander and wonder about the world. And that idea – and promise – couldn’t be more prevalent and welcomed today. While today’s world has changed, what remains certain is Globus’ commitment to safety, comfort and peace-of-mind.


  1. Trust In Togetherness — No one travels in isolation. The truth is, when we travel, we share airplanes, hotels, restaurants, town squares, public transportation, markets and must-see landmarks with wayfarers and wanderers from across the globe. When you travel with Globus and Cosmos, you’re choosing to explore the world in a small group of like-minded travelers: People who stick together, from start-to-finish. Now more than ever, there’s great comfort – and extraordinary confidence – in that choice
  2. Small Groups, Big Experiences — Globus makes it easy to explore the world with calm and confidence with Small-Group touring.
  3. Their TD’s are the Bees Knees–No one knows the “ins” and “outs” of a destination like a Globus Tour Director. They are there to ensure your time is both happy & healthy.
  4. The Lure of the Less Traveled–While it might be the iconic sights of the world that first entice us to pack our bags for adventure, it’s often the tucked-away towns, lesser-known nooks and undiscovered locales that beckon us to return. Globus knows these spots!
  5. Getting Around Safe & Sound– Their state-of-the-art coaches and vehicles have undergone thorough cleaning protocols before each use.
  6. Home Away From Home–Globus Tours have hand-picked each and every hotel, vetted to meet their standards of quality, cleanliness, service and amenities.
  7. Carefree Confidence– The world has changed, but what remains certain is their commitment to guest safety. They have enhanced their on-trip health & safety protocols & are offering risk-free bookings with their Peace of Mind Travel Plan…all 2021 travel bookings automatically come with their 2021 Peace of Mind Travel Plan—free of charge. This plan gives guests the ability to move their booking to another destination, vacation, or simply a different 2021 or 2022 departure date in their vast travel portfolio, no questions asked. Guests just need to let them know before final payment and they’ll waive all land or cruise penalties and get you booked on new vacation!
We may have been temporarily relegated to armchair travelers, but we are still travelers! Like the geysers of Yellowstone and the peaks of the Andes, we will rise – and the world will shine. Until the day comes when we can resume the joy of being your global guide, keep dreaming. We certainly are.

With tours available literally all over the world, where do you want to go with Globus? For more information about Globus, or another vacation experience, contact me to help plan an amazing journey! Oh, the places you’ll go!