My Adventures By Disney vacation begins! Into the West, Day One!

I flew into Phoenix from Orlando a day early. Our Adventure was set to depart at 1:30 from the Starbucks in the baggage claim area at PHX. I couldn’t find an affordable flight that would land me in Phoenix with enough time to meet up, so I decided to do what I would advise a client to do…fly in a day early and avoid “First Day of Vacation Stress”. There is no worse way to begin a vacation by stressing over arrival times! I like to be in the city where my vacation is going to begin the night before…I don’t want to miss one thing. I treated this as I would have a cruise. I wouldn’t want to miss Embarkation Day, and I didn’t want to miss one second of my first Adventure by Disney trip.

I’ve wanted to do an ABD since Disney announced the company, and I still can’t believe that I’m getting to do one! My arrival in Phoenix was very smooth (the video looks rough, it was my first time filming a landing, and I realized that I need a tripod!)

I went to Baggage Claim, and waited impatiently for my luggage to arrive. At this point, I haven’t ate anything today since stopping at the McDonald’s in Vero Beach for a chicken biscuit and a Coke. I scoped out the Starbucks to see where I would be meeting the Adventures by Disney group the next day, and I arranged an Uber ride to my hotel for the evening.

I chose the Aloft (Phoenix Airport) for my one night stay. It was convenient, and since I tend to like properties by Marriott, I thought I would give this brand a chance. It was my first time staying at an Aloft, and it won’t be my last! I absolutely loved this hotel! Check-in was a breeze, and (BONUS!!) my room was ready! I mentioned to the front desk that I had a headache from not eating, they gave me a list of restaurants in the area and let me know that there was a Circle K convenience store right next door. After checking out my room & depositing my luggage, I went back downstairs to walk to the Circle K for some aspirin, as I failed to pack any! Of course, they had more drinks & snacks than medication, so I went back to the Front Desk to talk about dining.

They recommended Garcia’s, a local SouthWest Mexican restaurant a couple of miles away, and offered to shuttle me there, and pick me up. They also suggested that I walk to the Target after dinner, which was just around the corner of the restaurant. I waited a few minutes, and the shuttle driver, Andrew arrived to take me to dinner. Andrew told me a lot about Phoenix while driving, and said that I was going to LOVE Sedona, after asking why I was in town. I’m getting really excited about this trip! He also informed me that I should just give him a call after I’m through shopping at Target and he would pick me up at the store’s entrance!

After a delicious dinner of Steak & Shrimp, and about five glasses of iced tea and a couple of glasses of water, I felt much better!

I left the restaurant and walked about 1/4 mile to Target. Upon leaving the restaurant, I actually felt the moisture leaving my body. Did I mention that it was about 107 degrees and there didn’t seem to be any humidity at all?!? I added a bottle of water to my basket at Target and drank it down while I waited on Andrew to pick me up. Drinking a lot of bottled water will become a theme of mine this week.

After I got back to my room, I turned on the television, and went to bed. Yeah, it was 7:00PM in Arizona, but I was tired! Lol.

The bed was very comfortable, and the sheets were luxurious…but I didn’t sleep too much, as I was so excited for what the next day was going to bring…

End of Day One! Stay tuned for the rest of my trip report….