My Least Favorite Restaurant at Walt Disney World

I like almost everything about Walt Disney World. I generally just love being at Disney…doesn’t matter when, or which park,  I’m always ready to go.  I love the attractions, the food, the “Disney Bubble”, the background music, people watching…my list goes on for a long time.  So, writing a bad review of something at Disney is almost unheard of from me.  I do love Disney so much.  Also, this entry goes against one of my core beliefs…if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.  But, here’s the thing.  I’m a travel agent, and one of my specialties is Disney.  My clients rely on what I have to say, to make sure their vacations are as magical as possible.  Truthfully, even though I don’t like a restaurant (Akershus comes immediately to my mind — for lunch or dinner anyway) I can usually find something on the menu that I like.

I’ve discovered a quick-service restaurant that I just won’t go back to for a while. I’ve given the Lotus Blossom several chances over the last few months, and I’ve been highly disappointed each time.  The first couple of visits, I thought “maybe I just haven’t ordered the right thing”.  Here’s the thing:  I LOVE Chinese food.  About 4 years ago, I moved from the Atlanta area to Vero Beach, Florida.  I haven’t found a decent Chinese restaurant near my new home, so I really want to like Lotus Blossom.  I love the Table Service Chinese restaurant, Nine Dragons, which is literally next door to Lotus Blossom, but sometimes I’m just in the mood for quick meal, and not have to take the time for a Table Service experience.

Unfortunately, after three attempts, I’ve found nothing at Lotus Blossom that I remotely like.  My entrees have ranged from being excessively greasy, salty or spiced with such heat that it was practically inedible. (And I LOVE spicy food!)  I found the egg rolls to be bland & greasy; The Beef Noodles to be so salty that I threw more than half away, and the spicy chicken to be so spicy that I just couldn’t come close to finishing, and threw it away as well.  My Orange Chicken was much too sweet…tasted like it had been dipped in syrup. Maybe the fried rice would be ok, but to be honest, I just don’t want to even try it!  And, if I really wanted fried rice, Nine Dragons has amazing fried rice.  Also, each visit, the meal has cost me around $20.00.  (give or take).


For just a bit more, I could have had a wonderful dining experience at the Nine Dragons restaurant next door.

There are many, many restaurants located in Epcot that are a MUCH better choice.  Looking for quick service?  Les Halles in France is my “GO-TO” spot to grab a quick bite.  Looking for more of meal?  The Tangierine Cafe (Morocco) is a wonderful, often over-looked eatery.  Actually, I can name practically ANY quick service spot at Epcot, and it would be a better choice for me.



Have you visited the Lotus Blossom?  What was your experience?  It seems to always be busy, so either a lot of people really like it, or they’re winding up disappointed.  The next time you find yourself hungry at Epcot, think twice before queuing up at the Lotus Blossom.  Have a bit of time?  Go over to Nine Dragons and have an incredible meal.  Or, walk over to Mexico and grab some nachos at the Cantina de San Angel and dine with an incredible view of World Showcase Lagoon.  Or, take a chance with Lotus Blossom, the food may have improved…I’ll not be taking a chance for a while, though.