I’m back from vacation!

As most of you know, I’m a travel agent.  I LOVE my job.  But, sometime around January, I began to feel completely burned out.  I have been dealing with a lot (most of which that is just uninteresting & dull, so I’m not going to bore you with just a long rant & vent here).  I needed to get away from everything & everyone.  Enter Princess Cruises.  As you know, (if you’ve read my blog before) I LOVE cruising with Princess.  I needed to get away, so I began searching for a cruise for me.  Where was I going to go?  On my bucket list:  New Zealand, Australia, South America, Northern Europe, New England, Alaska (yeah, I’ve been, going again in September, but still want to go back!), Holy Land, Trans-Pacific, South Pacific, Japan, Asia, Antarctica, Africa…yeah, I could literally go anywhere in the world with Princess.  So, the sky was the limit.

I really examined an itinerary that began in Melbourne Australia and went to New Zealand.  I’ve always wanted to visit NZ, especially after just finishing re-watching the Lord of the Rings movies.  I almost booked that cruise like 5 times.  And each time that I was about to press the “book” button, I had second thoughts.  I simply wasn’t up to visiting a new place and crossing something off of my bucket list.  I simply didn’t have the energy.  I needed a vacation where rest & relaxation was the number one priority of the day…not seeing something amazing that I’ve always wanted to see.  So, I began looking close to home, somewhere I’ve been, so touring & excursions wouldn’t be a priority, and I found an ideal itinerary.  No flight was required, I could drive to the port.  Also, of the 26 cruises that I had previously taken, I had never done a back to back cruise.  The cruise I chose was on the Regal Princess, the first week going to the Eastern Caribbean, and the second week visiting the Western Caribbean.  I had previously visited all of the ports on both cruises, with the exception of Falmouth, Jamaica…but I had traveled to Jamaica last year.  I had also never taken a cruise that visited Princess Cays, Princess Cruises’ Private Island in the Bahamas.  And, (my travel agent is showing here) I really wanted to experience Princess Cruises’ Ocean Medallion technology.  (Much more on that later in other posts).

I booked the back to back cruise (So, now that I’m back, I’ve “technically” sailed 28 cruises!) about a month before embarkation day.  I’ve also never booked a cruise so late as I did, because I honestly feel the best way of saving the most money on cruising is booking as soon as possible..I’ve got cruises booked through 2020, and I’m right now waiting on one company to announce itineraries for January 2021 so I can get that booked  (MORE on that later too!).

Even though this was going to be my 27th & 28th cruise, this cruise was going to be a first of many for me.  First time sailing alone.  First time on the Regal Princess.  First time sailing to Princess Cays.  First time with Princess Cruises’ Anytime Dining (more on why I didn’t like that later).  First time with an Ocean Medallion.  First time sailing Back to Back cruises.  And, honestly, the first time I’ve been on a vacation in a long time, simply to re-charge my batteries.

If you follow me on Facebook, I’m sure it looks as though I lead such an exciting life…well, the truth is during most of my vacations, I’m busy taking notes (mental & physical), taking pictures of food, menus, resort lobbies, rooms, empty bathrooms, public spaces, etc.  Anything I think I might need for a future client.  I save everything that gets handed to me for my files.  I update Facebook (Personal, business pages & groups), Instagram, Twitter & this blog.  I’m touring, asking questions, etc.; it’s a great job.  I do love it, (and I’m BLESSED to work with amazing people here at Modern Travel Professionals!) but it is sometimes hard to just sit on a lounge chair at the pool and read my kindle.  If I’m at Disney, Universal or Sea World for the day, more than likely I’m visiting clients, clients who have become friends, or meeting with reps or another agent, or taking a required tour. I usually just don’t post about the business side.  And, I’m beginning something new soon for this blog–I’m planning to interview people who work at these destinations.  I think that’s going to be fascinating.  But, you’ll probably only see me having a blast on Expedition Everest, snorkeling at Aulani, or what I’m having to eat in Diagon Alley.

Most of the Men’s Restrooms on the Regal Princess have live orchids. I am going to assume the ladies’ restrooms have orchids as well!

So, I went on vacation.  And I had an INCREDIBLE time.  I got a lot of rest.  I watched a bunch of movies. I ate when I wanted. I did what I wanted when I wanted. Even though I took loads of pictures, went out of my comfort zone and did stuff that I probably wouldn’t have done if I weren’t a travel agent; I updated my pages on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter (I may be addicted, y’all)…I did give myself permission to skip blogging.  And I rested.  I decompressed.  I became “Kenneth” again.  (I hope you know what I mean.)  However, I did take LOADS of notes for future blogs.  In fact, my next blog entry that I’m planning is to tell you all about the most AMAZING thing that I’ve ever done during a cruise.  It was truly wonderful.  And, I would have never done it, if not for Princess Cruises.  I’m so excited for every one of my clients to try this for themselves…the great thing, is that it’s included in the price of the cruise, all you have to do is show up and experience awe.  Stay tuned…

Now, I’m back from vacation.  Well rested and ready, for well…whatever comes my way!  And, I can honestly say that I love Princess Cruises even more now than I did before this past vacation.  Look for more posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & this blog focusing on Princess Cruises.  I really do love them, and think that most of my clients will love them as much as I do.

You can look forward to more blog entries a little more frequently now.  My next vacation destination?  Disney’s Beach Club at the Walt Disney World Resort in a couple of weeks  (my parents wanted to visit one more time before their annual passes are blocked for the summer).  See, I love Princess Cruises, but I also still love Disney.  I feel you can’t just visit one destination, or vacation with just one company.  Cruise lines can’t be everything for everyone…they do specialize, and one of my jobs is fitting my clients with not only the perfect itinerary, the perfect resort/ship, but also the perfect supplier.  For some itineraries, you’ll see me on a Norwegian Cruise Line ship.  Other times, I’ll be at Disney or riding the new attraction in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter’s ever-expanding universe.  I’m anxiously awaiting my first Celebrity Cruise, and just wait until I announce what I’ve got planned for me (and possibly you!) during the Winter of 2021!  But, before you read anything about my next Disney vacation, I’ll be back with more entries about my solo cruise VACATION with Princess!  Oh, have I ever told you how much I love Princess Cruises?