Epcot in Half of a Day!

I woke up Tuesday morning and decided I needed a bit of Disney in my life. Work has been so busy, I’ve made no time for myself. Not only is it the first of the year, and I have to update my training for practically every vendor that I sell, it’s also the very beginning of “Wave Season”. The first three months of the year, are when most cruise bookings take place…so many of my vendors are offering wonderful promotions. It’s definitely keeping me busy!! (Which is a VERY good thing!)

After checking my email, and seeing it may be a quiet day, I opened up the My Disney Experience app on my phone and grabbed a couple of Fastpasses for Epcot later in the day. I was able to get one for Frozen Ever After for 7:10-8:10 (I love that ride–when I don’t have to wait 70 minutes to experience it!) and I also grabbed one for Spaceship Earth, about the time I thought I would arrive…3:30-4:30.

After doing what needed to be done at work, I left my desk around 12:30 and got to the park about 3:00. I had a couple of errands to do for friends (and a couple for clients–pick up park maps, first-timer’s buttons, etc.) and then I “Thanked the Phoenicians” for the first time in 2019!

Spaceship Earth is one of my favorite attractions at Epcot, and it just doesn’t seem like being at Epcot until I’ve paid a visit. The scene where Rome burns reminds me of when our house caught fire back in the late 1980’s, not too long after I opened my store. The smell in that portion of the ride is exactly how our house smelled after the fire. I also remember taking my sister-in-law on Spaceship Earth for her first time and she being disappointed, as she was expecting a fast ride that went around in circles!

The wait time for Stand-by Guests at Spaceship Earth was only 5 minutes! That was a sign of things to come. I checked the app, saw that Soarin’ Around the World was “only” a 40 minute wait, and walked over. When I got there, the wait time had changed to 30 minutes! I got in line and about 20 minutes later I was seated in the middle row! After riding, I decided to see if I could ride all of Epcot’s rides before Illuminations. (The rides, not the shows/movies).

After Soarin’, it was time for Living with the Land (practically a walk-on). This is another of my favorites, although I truly miss the song “Listen to the Land”.


To show you how few people were visiting Epcot on Tuesday, here is a picture of the Dining Area of the food court:

Usually, maneuvering around the crowds is difficult here, but today, the area was practically empty!

Next up was Journey into Imagination with Figment. (One of my least favorite attractions at Epcot…how I miss the original with Dreamfinder!) and then to the Seas with Nemo & Friends.

Both of these attractions were walk-ons! Here’s the end of the line for “Figment”:

After riding everything in this area of the park, I walked over to Test Track, where I saw that the Standby queue was 70 minutes and the single-rider queue was 40 minutes. I also noticed that the cars weren’t racing along the track. I walked over to Mission Space and got in the Green, “less intense” queue. I don’t get motion sick often, but the “more-intense” side makes me feel so bad that I stopped riding years ago. So, here is one ride that I’ve never experienced: the new version of the more-intense Mission Space. I’m okay with not ever riding this version! I do really like the Green Side since the last update…I wish American Airlines or United could get me to The Great Wall as fast as the X-2 Space Shuttle at the ISTC.

After traveling around the world, I walked back to Test Track and it was still down. I decided it was time for dinner, and thought that the Cantina de San Angel would be perfect tonight. On the way out of Mission Space, I noticed the sun setting…Beautiful!


La Cantina de San Angel

I got in line and a very friendly Cast Member from Mexico took my order. I decided to go with the Taco Trio plate which was three tacos, one each: Seasoned Beef, Chicken and Fish, with Homemade Corn Tortillas, and came with Mexican Rice, Black Beans, Red Salsa, Habanero aïoli and slaw. The entree was $13.50 and I also got a Sprite.


The meal was about $19.00 with tax. I thought that the tacos were very good, and each had a very good flavor, but each one was very small…think two or three bites each.

But, by after finishing, I was filled. I didn’t, think for the price paid, that it was a good value. I’m sure I could have had better food elsewhere for a similar price. Next time I visit this walk-up, counter-service eatery, I will get my usual “go-to” choice, their Nachos, which I love and do think that is a great value for the price. I was able to get a table by the water and did enjoy my beautiful view while I ate.

Since I ate in Mexico, I had to go visit the Three Caballeros and help out in the search for Donald Duck.

On the way into the pyramid, there was a beautiful display of the Del Dia de Muertos.

After exiting, I realized that I only “needed” to ride Test Track and Frozen Ever After and I would have experienced all of the rides in just this very short afternoon. I walked back to Test Track, and as I got there, heard an announcement that the ride was temporarily closed. The return queue for FastPass was way out of the building…based on the time, I knew I wouldn’t be riding Test Track that day. It was almost 7:00 and about time for my FastPass for Frozen. I walked back over towards Norway, and got in line. A few minutes later, I was on a boat (temporarily) wanting to build a snowman.

After my ride through Arrendale, I wanted to visit some of the countries around World Showcase. I went shopping in China, (I need a Chinese shirt to wear for my “Grand Asia Princess Cruise” in May 2020). I didn’t find anything, so kept walking around the lagoon. I noticed several buildings up and almost ready for Epcot’s upcoming “Festival of the Arts”, which is my favorite festival of the year at Walt Disney World. I hope to be back many times for that!

I went to Japan to shop for chopsticks for a friend. Unfortunately I didn’t find the ones she was looking for. 😦

Then, on to France for dessert at Les Halles.


Amazingly, I had not experienced this dining location since it was expanded by Disney several years ago. I’m not sure why I waited so long. I got a Napoleon to eat there, and a couple of croissants to go for later. (I had the chocolate one for breakfast yesterday, and will have the “plain” one today!) Of course, the food here is amazing.

After France, I walked over to Morocco to look around the stores. This is one of my favorite pavilions. I just wish they had a ride! There are some amazing things to look at in this location.

I was walking by the camel, and a cast member literally took my phone and put a fez on my head, and said this will be a wonderful photo. He then made me hold the reigns of the camel and took this:

He was fast. When I travel to Morocco, I’ll have to make sure no one just grabs my phone there…may not be the same result!

After Morocco, I found a bench back in Japan to wait on my favorite fireworks show, Illuminations. Epcot will replace this show this year, so I’m trying to see it as often as I can. I’m truly going to miss this amazing show.

After the show, it was time to go. I slowly walked out of the park, and purchased some new ears for a friend on my way out. I got home around midnight. So, after about 6 hours in the park, I was able to experience almost every ride at Epcot, have a good meal, a great dessert, see my favorite nighttime spectacular, do a few favors for friends and a couple of errands for clients. What a wonderful half day at Epcot!